We’ve been extremely busy working on our new album and we’re very excited about the progress.  It’s almost done.  We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it.  We’re just making the last finishing touches on it now.

Since we’ve been working on the album so much, we haven’t played any shows in about 3 months.  It’s time for us to get back out there and we’re excited to be sharing the stage with two great bands, Linen Closet and Fellows.  The show is this Saturday, January 19th at Central Presbyterian Church.  Doors open at 7:30, Fellows is first at 8, then we play at 9, then Linen Closet at 10.

You may remember Linen Closet from the last secret show in the storm drains under the city of Austin.  They filled the catacombs with the sounds of guitars, bass, drums, cello, trumpet, and vocals all arranged to perfection and circling and swirling in those tunnels like a cauldron of magic potion.

Also playing is Fellows, an occasionally rambunctious folk outfit full of jangley guitars and mandolins, lush strings, and uniquely wonderful singing.

All of this is going down at Central Presbyterian Church, which may the be most beautiful and best sounding venue in town.  There’s an immediate sense of respect for the music there.  The shows are intimate, yet the space is cavernous and the sound washes all around you.  Don’t miss it.

Photo by Jana Birchum
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