Be Where You’d Been

some say Leland – Be Where You’d Been from Robert Steel on Vimeo.

Our good buddy/best neighbor ever/incredible songwriter Robert Steel made this awesome video of us playing our song ‘Be Where You’d Been’ a few weeks ago. This was recorded in our practice space, which is also home to two of us, and former home to two more of us. Lindsey’s dog T.J. also makes an appearance, which is fitting, because there’s a line in the song that was inspired by him. There is a live version of this song available on our Field Recordings EP, and a studio version will be on our next full length album that we plan to start recording once we get back from our summer tour. Enjoy.

Check our Robert’s Page here

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The Salient

Our friend Riley Engemoen used some of our music for a documentary short that he made about how children develop memories.  He used bits of our field recording of “Be Where You’d Been” along with some of Dan Grissom’s solo song “Call Me a Dog”.

Both tracks (among many other great tracks) are available for free download on the Annie Street Arts Collective Field Recordings compilation.  You can download that compilation here:

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East Coast Tour

Hey Northeastern U.S., we’re coming your way this summer. Look out for us if you live up there or somewhere in between. Will start posting dates soon. For now, Dallas or Denton on July 15th, and Memphis on July 16th to start it off.

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