“To put it simply, this band makes incredibly beautiful music… there’s a rich, deeply complex texture of traditional and modern arrangements, striking the most delicate and wistful tones in the most intense ways.”
~ Laurie Gallardo, Austin Music Minute – KUT

“Sad and Sublime Folk.”
~ The Austin Chronicle

“One of Austin’s most intriguingly cerebral bands.”
~ Austin American Statesman

“Fifty Miles into the Main is a deceptively complex in arrangements and themes, yet also accessible in its brooding folk-pop glow.”
~ Doug Freeman,

“Gorgeous music that will, quite frankly, break your heart.”
~ Laurie Gallardo, Texas Music Matters – KUT

“Their wry, almost reserved approach to storytelling lends an captivatingly personal touch to their music.”
~ Kendal Rogers, The Buzz

“Some Say Leland’s palpable affection for the cleansing power of folk should delight fans of fellow modern-day traditionalists like Will Oldham or Andrew Bird.”
~ The Onion – A.V. Club

“The hand-numbered sophomore album from local neo-traditionalists Some Say Leland captures a rare combination of devils and dust…Leader Dan Grissom is an impressive vocalist and songwriter that recalls Bowl of Fire-era Andrew Bird.”
~ Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

“Some Say Leland offer truly top-notch artistry…what we have is simply a beautiful example of original contemporary American music. Many talented artists try sincerely, but fall honorably short of that mark.”
~ Aaron Mace, Church of the Friendly Ghost

“Some Say Leland’s sophomore album surprises with its subtlety, full of gorgeous tunes and wistful narratives that flow with an easy but unsettled beauty.”
~ Doug Freeman,

“These are solid, gorgeous songs, American roots music at its best.”
~ Laurie Gallardo, Austin Music Minute – KUT

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